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Committees & Task Forces - A Vital Part of the Chamber

Committee work is a vital part of our organization. Our committees drive the programming and events of the chamber. All members have the opportunity to join any chamber committee, which allows you to have a voice in your organization. The Welland/Pelham Chamber of Commerce currently has six active committees.

Communications Committee

  1. To establish and provide for monthly and annual awards for the business communities of Welland and Pelham.
  2. To provide for any other communication or public relation device that fosters a positive image of the business community and the Chamber of Commerce.
  3. To advise Members of Chamber activities.
  4. To ensure a structured marketing strategy including all types of media.

Education Committee

  1. To act as a liaison between businesses and school boards, colleges, universities and training agencies.
  2. To seek relevant opportunities for membership professional development.

Member Services Committee

  1. To survey and monitor Chamber Membership annually in order to regularly review Chamber services and make recommendations of program activities to the Board which may then be delegated and implemented.
  2. Actively liaise with all Chamber Committees.

Membership Committee

  1. To actively recruit Chamber Members.
  2. To ensure that all business in the communities of Welland and Pelham are aware of the advantages and benefits of a Chamber membership.
  3. Actively liaise with the Member Services and Communication Committees.
  4. Utilize a coordinated marketing strategy including all types of media.

Policy Committee

  1. To maintain an awareness of business-government issues, trends and forces, within a rapidly changing political environment.
  2. To lobby all levels of government for support in fulfilling the Chamber’s BR&E role and cause.

Special Events Committee

  1. To initiate programs and events that not only benefit our Members, but also ensure a strong financial position for the Chamber.
  2. To ensure the success of the special events by co-coordinating, with the Chamber Staff, the planning, organization and operation of events.

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