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Membership Credit / Debit Card Processing Plan

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Debit/Credit Processing Plan
Debit/Credit Processing Plan

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Membership Credit/Debit Card Processing Plan

Plan Audit –Free for Members

A comprehensive audit of your current plan if you currently accept credit & debit cards. Learn how to read your statement and receive an unbiased comparison of your current rates to Chamber plan rates done by a third party.

Improve Your Plan

Sometimes it just makes sense to stay with your current processor but negotiate a better bottom line cost. A professional with intimate knowledge of the business will negotiate that for you giving you peace of mind knowing you will receive what you bargained for.

A New Plan

Special rates based on a “Cost Plus” model arranged specially for Chamber members. No hidden fees and an easy to understand pricing model that can be customized to fit your business model, assessment and Debit fees at provider’s cost. 

Changeover Management

Should you decide to change processors, complete management of the changeover will be done for you from cancellation forms and equipment return to setup and training. Just sit back and watch it happen.  

Ongoing Support and Reports

Receive monthly reports with savings tips and overcharge alerts for one year with free overcharge recovery. Local support for any problem you may encounter

Optional Ongoing Support

You can opt for ongoing monthly reports with overcharge recovery as a special Chamber Rate.

New Business Setup

A special Chamber rate to set up a business that has never accepted credit and/or debit cards in the past, at customized “Cost Plus” Chamber pricing. 

For More Information Contact SmallBizAssist: 905-714-1487  |    info@smallbizassist.ca  |   www.smallbizassist.ca 

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